The Burwell Morgan Mill is open May – November

Friday and Sunday 12 – 5 pm

Saturdays 10 am -5 pm

The Mill schedule is subject to change – it’s always a good idea to call ahead: 540-837-1799

The Burwell-Morgan Mill was established in 1785 and is the oldest operable merchant mill in the Shenandoah Valley.  Listed on both the Virginia Historic Register and the National Register of Historic Places, the mill is open to the public on most weekends from late spring through autumn.

Operated by volunteers, the mill grinds a variety of grains that are then available for purchase at the mill and at the local farmers’ market.   You can get a tour of the historic structure, marvel at the unusual interior water wheel and wooden gears, and watch the dedicated millers grind wheat and corn just as it was done over 200 years ago.

Also worth a visit -  the lovely meadow adjacent to the mill and bordered by Spout Run and the mill’s tail race.  Picnic tables are available for your enjoyment; public restrooms are available when the mill is open.  The meadow and grounds are part of a Garden Club of Virginia Restoration garden. More information about the planning and design of the garden can be found here:

Frequently asked questions:

When is the best time to see the Mill in operation?

Saturdays, May  - November ,from 12 to 4 pm is the best times to visit if you want to see the Mill in action. Weather conditions, temperature, miller availability and many other factors can prevent the mill from operating. If you want to be certain we’re grinding call ahead (540)837-1799.

What if I come when the Mill isn’t operating – is it still worth a visit? 

Yes!  There’s a lot to see. If you visit on a day when the mill is not grinding, you can still see the works of the mill, learn about how the mill functions, and visit the historic grounds.

What types of grain do you grind?

The Burwell – Morgan Mill features two grindstones. One is used primarily for corn, producing yellow, white, red and blue cornmeal, and grits. The other is used for a variety of grains including wheat, rye, buckwheat, and blends such as our popular 9-grain flour.

What should I bring?

Comfortable shoes, water to drink, a jacket if it’s cool out. The Mill is a rustic, historic structure, many areas are only accessible via stairs. It the weather’s nice, plan on a  picnic in the meadow – you can pack your own or pick one up from the Locke Modern Country Store  just across the road.

I’ve only got an hour to visit – what should I see?

Ask to see the video about the history of the mill – it only takes 15 min.  then tour the first floor of the mill.  Make sure to visit the basement level!  Exit through the back door of the mill and follow the path through the meadow, over Spout Run, and back up the hill to the front of the mill.

I’m bringing the whole family – what do you have that will interest the kids?

Our friendly and informative millers love the chance to explain how grain becomes flour to visitors young and old.  The basement level is full of interesting antique farm machines – some which young would-be millers can operate with the help of their parents or Mill staff, Before you go-  ask for a cup of fish food. We’ve got a school of hungry trout and other fish that love the chance to show off for a snack.

What else is there to see in the area?

Tons!  The State Arboretum and Historic Long Branch are both moments away.  The attractions and restaurants of Berryville, including the CCHA Museum are a short drive up 340.  Check out our “Neighbors” page for more information about all the great things you can do on a visit to our area!

Can I rent the Mill or the meadow for my next event?

The Burwell-Morgan Mill and meadow are available to rent for private events.  For more information, click here

I’ve visited and now I’d love to get more involved, how do I do that?

 If you’d like to become a Mill volunteer, give us a call at 540-837-1799 or email  Donations for the preservation of the Mill are also most welcome. You can donate via the PayPal link on our website.